Psychological care for the English speaking expat.

Internet-based and Active walking therapy.
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Post Academic Study
  • Schema Therapy: awarded by GIT-P, 2018
  • CBT/REBT follow up course: awarded by Kienhorst & van den Bout, 2017
  • Running Therapist: awarded by Runningtherapie VOF, 2014
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (in training): awarded by GIT-P, 2013
Postgraduate Study
  • MSc Clinical Psychology: awarded by University of Amsterdam, 2011
  • MSc Psychology: awarded by The Open University, England, 2007
Undergraduate Study
  • BSc Psychology (specialism Clinical Psychology): awarded by University of Amsterdam, 2009
  • BSc Psychology/ Criminology: awarded by University of Teesside, 2000

About your therapist

My name is Stephen Davies. I am originally from the UK, and work in the Netherlands as a professional psychologist. I’ve trained in both the UK and the Netherlands, but all my practical experience has been gained in the Netherlands. I am a member of two professional associations, the Dutch institute for Psychologists (NIP), and the Dutch association for Behavioural and Cognitive Therapists (VGCT). Next to this I am a licensed running therapist and member of the ACCESS Counselling Service Network.

When I established Inter-Active Therapy I set out to offer good quality, accessible and problem-specific therapy to expat residents of the Netherlands.

As an expat myself, I have first-hand experience of adapting to the Dutch way of life. I understand that when it comes to discussing sensitive personal issues in English, that it can make a huge difference to speak with a native speaker who will understand every nuance.

I believe that therapy is a collaborative approach, and have developed the tools of my practice to help my clients gain a greater sense of awareness and acceptance of the situation they have found themselves in. I believe in client satisfaction, and a good, open, working relationship. I believe in taking the time to understand both my clients’ problems and their goals, and I believe in therapy that helps them achieve these goals.

Schedule your free intake session today. I look forward to helping you get back on track.

What is Inter-Active Therapy?

Inter-Active Therapy is an innovative blended-care approach to psychological therapy that makes use of both face-to-face contact and web-based tools.

Therapy sessions are conducted outdoors, in any one of the many parks and green areas around the North Holland region. Internet therapy is also available for people living further outside North Holland or for those who’s work requires them to travel frequently.

As a client you are given access to a private online portal that is customized to your needs, giving you information about the therapy you are following, and insights into the progress you are making. At the end of the process you will be able to reflect back on a personalized guide that can continue supporting you into the future.

There is a lot we can work on together. I specialize in helping depression, difficulty adjusting to life or the environment, stress, burnout and anxiety, frustration intolerance and substance dependence. I also specialize in supporting men who have issues adapting to parenthood.

I don’t currently offer relationship therapy, but if your issues involve those close to you I’m happy to include others in your therapy process.

If you are unsure about the source/nature of your issue, then I encourage you to get in touch. Alternatively chat with your GP who can also provide you with options.

Some benefits of walking & running therapy:

  • Therapy outdoors is valid alternative to therapy in a clinic.
  • Physical activity improves your mood and benefits your brain reward system.
  • You can bring your pets or small children.

Some benefits of e-health or online therapy:

  • Increasingly used as a great supplement to face-to-face therapy.
  • You don’t need to skip therapy because of the weather.
  • You’re in comfortable, familiar surroundings.

Fees and reimbursement

Starting therapy is a big commitment and for some can be a difficult step. The click between you and your therapist is very important. That’s why I offer the intake free of charge. In this way you get the chance to meet me in person, give walking therapy a try and decide whether Inter-Active Therapy is the right choice for you.

My fees include the sessions themselves and all indirect administration, including writing of session notes, feedback on work completed outside of the sessions, brief e-mail exchanges and contact with GP’s regarding progress of therapy (if required). I believe in offering affordable therapy and in cases can work within a sliding scale to suit an individual’s needs.

My services are not covered by Dutch insurance, however, some international insurers may reimburse costs due to my association with the NIP and VGCT. You may also be able to claim back a percentage of costs not covered by health insurance through your yearly income tax return.


  • Intake Free of Charge
  • Walking Therapy: €90.00
  • Skype Session: €90.00
  • Running Therapy: €60.00

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